What You Should Know About the Portfolio Manager’s Salary

Nils Larsen Manager

September 5, 2022

If you’re planning to become a portfolio manager, here are a few things you should know about the salary for this job. You’ll need to know the FINRA requirements for portfolio managers, the average salary, and the cities that pay the most. You can also find out more about the CFA charter, which you’ll need if you want to work as a portfolio manager.

FINRA requirements for portfolio managers

In order to compete with the securities industry, Finra must offer competitive salaries to attract and retain highly qualified employees. Its average compensation exceeds the average annual wage, and this could create a disconnect between regulated employees and the regulators. To avoid this, FINRA must make its salary requirements clear to employees.

In addition to the FINRA license, portfolio managers must also have specialized knowledge. The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation is the most prestigious, and it marries academic theory and professional practice with ethical standards. Another popular designation for portfolio managers is the Financial Risk Manager (FRM). All licenses require ongoing continuing education and professional development.

Average Salary for portfolio managers

The average salary for a portfolio manager is $178,616 per year in New York City. This salary is higher than the national average for the same job. These positions are usually in hedge funds and mutual funds. According to one survey, employees of hedge funds and mutual funds report receiving substantial paychecks. Last year’s average hedge fund and mutual fund portfolio manager earned $938955, so the amount is still pretty good.

A portfolio manager’s salary will be affected by how many years of experience they have. A person with less than two years of experience can expect to earn about 105,478,200 PYG per year, while a person with two to five years of experience can expect to earn between $114,820 and $216,550 PYG per year.

Cities with the highest salaries for portfolio managers

If you want to be a portfolio manager, you may want to consider relocating to a city with a high salary. For example, New York is the financial capital of the world, and a one-bedroom apartment in the Big Apple is approximately $5,000 per month. If you prefer a less expensive city, consider Boston. It has a thriving music and sports scene.

The average salary for a portfolio manager is about $71,000 a year. While this is a high salary for a finance career, it is still below the average of all working Americans. However, this disparity in salary is mainly due to the cost of living in some locations.

CFA charter

The CFA charter is a valuable credential for the financial industry, allowing individuals to earn a high-paying job in investment management. These professionals work with teams of researchers and financial analysts to determine whether to buy or sell assets as the market fluctuates. According to the CFA Institute, approximately 22% of CFA charter holders hold positions as portfolio managers. On average, portfolio managers earn a $132,500 yearly salary.

To qualify for the CFA charter, candidates must have at least a bachelor’s degree or four years of relevant work experience. While the CFA charter is not required for all jobs, it can help boost one’s career prospects. It’s important to note, however, that the CFA exam is a very difficult examination. A person who wants to get the certification should plan to spend a lot of time studying.

Compensation based on performance

Compensation for a portfolio manager is often linked to the performance of the funds the manager manages. This can result in a significant increase in portfolio risk if the manager’s performance falls below the median. Also, if there was no link between the manager’s performance and the rewards he received from investors, there would be no incentive for managers to achieve superior returns.

In this study, we surveyed 396 portfolio managers to learn more about compensation structures. We found that more compensation is formula-based than subjective. Moreover, the bonuses awarded to portfolio managers are determined by factors relating to firm profitability as opposed to client success. These differences reflect differences in contracting environments and compensation structures.

Calverton, New York wage average

The average salary for a portfolio manager in Calverton, New York, is $141,998 per year. The salary range is $98,262 to $173,095. The most common level of education for a portfolio manager is a bachelor’s degree. Compensation information comes from ERI’s salary surveys. In addition to salary data, data from commercially available housing sales are also used to figure out the cost of living.

While salary is an important factor, it is also important to consider the cost of living in your area. According to a survey, 67% of portfolio managers feel their salaries cover the cost of living. This is a high percentage, especially when comparing salaries to the cost of living in a particular metro.