Nils Larsen the Portfolio Manager: A Career that Spans Over 20 Years in Finance

Nils Larsen Manager

December 21, 2020

Nils Larsen the Portfolio Manager: A Career that Spans Over 20 Years in Finance

Nils Larsen manager of Financial Services Group (FTI), a premier global business advisory company, is a leading expert in all things finance, and recently gave advice on investing strategy, gained from his over 20 years of experience. As a financial and investment professional, he’s received acclaim from clients around the globe for his expertise and skill in creating highly successful, long-term investment portfolios. Nils Larsen, who has handled a deep and diverse portfolio of responsibilities and expertise including equities, fixed income, cash management, retail banking, venture capital, and private equity – manages clients across the globe from his hometown of Walnut Creek, California, and works closely with a diverse selection of consulting partners who he calls his “financial colleagues.” An innovative and team-oriented leader, Nils Larsen can also be found exploring investments, reading trade journals, and developing new initiatives to serve FTI Consulting clients and members.

Quick Investment Tips from Nils Larsen

Nils Larsen manager believes that sometimes we should hold less risk assets, because sometimes you really don’t need all those eggs in one company that suddenly falls apart. Sometimes you should allocate more risk, and many people do that. And even though one should think about diversification in case some of the investments in your portfolio decline, you shouldn’t invest in such assets if you have problems staying invested over the long haul. Don’t sell when you don’t understand, and don’t lose focus. Use the strategy that will adapt to your needs and create your own solutions. When selling, don’t sell completely. If you sell too soon you can miss out on a rally, or become exposed to a single company you didn’t really want to be exposed to. Often the selling strategy we use is to return part of our profit when the price starts climbing, and we sometimes have to work hard on keeping  profits that we have accumulated.

According to a recent poll of financial strategists like Nils Larsen manager in 2020, the most important thing a portfolio manager can do for his clients nowadays, is to figure out how much of their assets you want to invest in stocks and bonds, and then choose between a few index funds. Each index fund will invest in the same number of stocks. If the average market value of the shares in an index fund is going up, that fund will outperform its peers and your other index funds will also beat them. What does this really mean? The best stock and bond investors usually have one of the best records over the long run, and as they buy in small lots, they can search for new ideas and bet on long term success; not short term momentum. The poll also stated what managers like Nils Larsen would consider to be a priority for picking stocks and bond-heavy portfolios for everyone? The consensus was that while many investment managers simply choose the two asset classes they think are most promising, there is usually more to it than that. However, over the long run, if you concentrate on the best companies, you’ll do better than any single stock picker could hope to do in real life.

For instance, take the difference between biotech and the pharmaceutical industry. Clearly, they are very different. Each of them is a business driven by a technical requirement, and they both have shareholders who hope to generate profits over the coming years. But if you only buy stocks that aim to benefit in the short term, you cannot assume that this will translate to longterm success, especially with how quickly situations can change in the modern era.

It’s not certain whether we’re in the middle of a paradigm shift. The value of money is important, but at the moment people seem to prefer to make the most of it rather than save it. This could be due to a number of factors, but perhaps most of it is due to the pandemic that is affecting markets worldwide. 20 years of experience from Nils Larsen manager, a proven financial portfolio investor, comes in handy in times like these.